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It's not sleep, but silence.
Not ghosts but their quiet whisperings.
It's no longer the past or the memories
but the echoes of what has been forgotten.
It's the blinking computer lights,
the inhale and exhale,
the beating of his heart;
the but's, the if's, the might have been's.
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 1 0
Loving Anna
The sun is sneaking around the tan curtain in our bedroom. It gives the morning a sepia tone, a lazy Sunday feel and I don't feel any particular urge to get out of bed. It's peaceful.
I turn my head to find her watching me, my Anna, curled into a tight ball with her blue eyes seeking and wide with fear. I can barely repress the sigh.
"Do I have to get out of bed today?" She mutters to me softly, afraid of waking the monster that lives inside her and letting it see her fear.
"Why?" Her bottom lip trembles like a child's.
"Because you have responsibilities." I sit up and rub my hands through my already messy hair. Once again I wonder if today's the day the brown begins to turn grey.
"I can't be strong all the time." She curls her small form into an even tighter ball.
"No." I agree. "But you do today."
"You say that every day." She accuses me and closes her eyes.
"Not every day." I say. We don't have this conversation every day - yet.
When she doesn't say anything I lay my hand on
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 0 0
Novel Writing: A Guide
The trouble is knowing what to say, followed closely by where to start. It wouldn’t do to impart every thought, every bathroom break or those times you woke up with a long line of drool running from your mouth to your slobber soaked pillow, despite the fact that you’re sitting up…
You need to know how much back story is educational and how much back story distracts from the tale you’ve decided to tell, subsequently causing people to want to rip their own eyes out with their bare hands just for an excuse to stop reading. On that note, there’s one thing I’ve always wondered;
When writing your novel, should you begin with delusions of grandeur? Or do they come as you put in the hard work and the long hours? Because, obviously, I’m not going to work my ass off for eight years if I think my novel is just another dust gathering door stop in a third rate second hand book shop filled to the brim with one off self-published works of horse shit. Nothing,
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 1 0
The Light
You see her eyes catch the light,
the little smile that tugs at her lips;
absent, unsettling..
It sends a baffling shiver down your spine
and brings her whispered words to mind:
‘It is not death.’ She urges you to understand.
‘But a bigger, brighter life that calls us,
guides us, bides inside of us.’

She grips your arms, knuckles white.
‘Let go.’ She demands,
‘of the grass, the rain, this fetid air,
of the rocks, the pain, the dark despair.
Breathe, float,
drown in the light I have found.  
Leave this pale world behind.’

You watch the shadows flicker from mind to eye
and find you fear her madness,
even as she turns from you; blind,
gropes the air to find solace in her answers
but loses her tenuous grasp on reality
and a sob tears from deep in her throat.
Your hands lift to the air; to comfort,
instead they hang there; helpless,
she's just too remote.
She rests on her grass-stained knees,
shivering d
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 0 0
The Storm
It was storm season and this – the very first – left no doubt that it would be a hard one. The wind was a howl of outrage, beating like violent waves against already battered houses. Rain and ice served as its teeth and claws, ripping and rending at the cowering earth while jagged lightning flashed, allowing the storm to look upon its wanton destruction.
Well used to the bad temper of winter, Eileen easily ignored it, moving competently through the dark house. She had a different storm on her mind, one occurring above her head at that very moment. She gathered up the blankets and towels and headed for the stairs to where her sister screamed with the wind, but in pain instead of fury; in fear instead of malice. With the storm so bad and the telephones out, there was no way the doctor would make it there that night.
It would be up to Eileen, armed only with books and common sense, to deliver the baby.
Her hands trembled on the linen as she stood outside the bedroom door, brea
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 0 0
It’s like each and every moment; of sadness, of pain, of misery; is happening all at once and pressing down on you. You feel it right in your gut and it’s like your body is trying to turn itself inside out but all it’s doing is ripping you apart and bleeding you dry.
Then you lie there exhausted and hollow and you think – oh god, you hope – that you’ll never feel anything again.
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 3 0
1 am
Your dreams are all but empty;
cardboard cut outs on blackened skies,
the ambiance which terrifies.
You wake to find your breathing laboured,
black bile filling your lungs
with death coating your tongue
and acid rain falling from your eyes.
They scour bloody marks on tender cheeks
that show you’ve barely slept in weeks.
He worries and he persuades and begs;
lay down love, lay down to rest!
But you’re sick of screaming,
gaping mouth stretched painfully wide;
it’s tough to keep your reasons locked inside.
But he wouldn’t understand.
There’s one image that’s buried deep:
A demon lies within you fast asleep.
Insidious, at night it whispers;
Close your eyes and dream
for I so love to hear you scream.
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 1 0
I still think of Pinocchio
One day I will be a real girl
and I will lie whenever I please
and no one, not ever,
will be able to tell.
One day, someday, I will be alive
and I will love whoever I want;
my heart will beat beneath your fingertips.
And only I will ever know
that I was once made of stone.
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 0 0
Mature content
Innocent Blood :iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 0 0
The hunger of wolves
I fed the wolves. I fed them.
I fed them with my own tears and blood.
I satisfied them with myself
but still the wolves came.
Again, again, each day
I fed the wolves
but each time they were less satisfied.
I fed them 'til I had no more
then they tore my flesh
and feasted.
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 0 0
I'll lay here beneath the sun
and drown, drown, drown in the light.
I'll lose myself in the whispered breeze
and exist in breathless waiting.
I'll wax and wane as the moon
and change with the seasons,
but it is here I shall remain,
just as the ever present stars remain.
Those stoic guards; unwavering suns...
Yes, here love, I will wait forever.
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 0 0
There was something highly amusing about people who were in a desperate hurry. Comical even.
Suzanna had no need for hurrying. She was never late and never early, but perfectly on time. This was aided by her inane compulsion to leave the house an hour – exactly – before she had to.
So for Suzanna, much of her life was merely waiting.
Today her waiting station was a café next to the restaurant where she would hold her interviews. She sat and sipped at her coffee, watching intently at the people who strolled by. To look at her, one would say she was lost in thought. But not Suzanna. She never got lost. In thought or otherwise. Then she might actually be late.
She listened to the gentle tick of her watch, counting the seconds, and folding a finger into her palm at every sixtieth one. When all fingers were folded, she would tense one toe. So on and so forth. Right now she had exactly three minutes and fifteen seconds until she had to be next door.
She looked down at her
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 0 0
There’s no one I’d call in the middle of the night
when the tears are blinding and nothing feels right.
There’s no one I’d reach for when the blood flows bright..
No. There’s nothing left for me in sight.
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 1 0
Beauty Hidden in Words
I’m not the one who lights up the world,
the one who turns heads; I’m never that girl.
I hide behind the words, the computer screen
so I can be whoever I want, I wish, I need.
As beautiful, ugly; as twisted, serene,
whatever my mood; whatever I please.
I know why I’m not a romantic outside,
why it’s buried deep; why I hide.
You’ll never know, you’ll never see -
I’ve built a wall of steel inside of me.
No one will care enough to dig deep,
which is what I want; my heart to keep.
There is too much effort; too little gain,
so I’ll stay behind this computer frame.
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 0 0
I'm so tired, I'm wired.
I don't want to go to sleep -
I never want to sleep again.
I want to go catching butterflies,
count all the stars in the all the skies.
Dance beneath the watery moonlight,
the diamonds in the sky burning bright.
Thinking; this could be my endless night.
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 0 0
The Lone Wolf
I'm not like the lone wolf at all;
you'll never catch my lonely call.
I live by my teeth, claws and back.
Alone, but never lonely,
I don't need a pack.
Just put it aside,
that the omega always dies.
I'll be much stronger than that.
On my own, always alone,
I don't need a pack.
:iconmiss-sunshine-fairy:Miss-sunshine-fairy 0 0


One of a kind cuff I by Pinkabsinthe One of a kind cuff I :iconpinkabsinthe:Pinkabsinthe 237 2
two minutes at the bottom of the ocean
i open my eyes and the room is underwater
a refraction of light--
a trout
tail flicked & then the sediment settles
like dysentery, this narcoleptic soul
to pulse, spin
into a paralysis of the
this is the pressure that creaks in my bones:
this is the space between my mouth and my mind
& the few centimeters between my ears are pulsing
with the things I cannot get to my hands
but my head is not a fucking ocean:
it's a flaw in chemistry
:iconinsomniaplague:insomniaplague 55 16
tell me a story.
A fable of wisdom
or a tale of glory.
Sing me a song
of dreams and
of wonder.
Stories of kingdoms rising
and worlds going under.
Draw me a picture
with colours so bright
and spin me a fairytale
to dream of tonight.
:iconridderkvinden:Ridderkvinden 713 238
Fire ivy vine key pendant by arianhwyvar Fire ivy vine key pendant :iconarianhwyvar:arianhwyvar 12 3
Mature content
Kalopsia :iconshadowdraconian:shadowdraconian 6 4
Loving a Writer
When you read their work –
and it is work,
and you will often come second to the job –
it’s best to know which pieces are fictions,
which ones are wishes,
and which parts are for you.
:iconsilverinkblot:SilverInkblot 113 70
I'm Not Icarus
I'm waiting for my wings
I'm waiting for that day
Burst out, unfurl like banners
And then I'll fly away
But for today I'm grounded
I have to crawl along
Stuck here in one dimension
It's not where I belong
They try to make me stay here
They want me to despair
They say my wings are wax
I say that I don't care
I'm building my own wings
Out of glue and bits of dreams
I'll patch them all together
It is stronger than it seems
I know they think I'll fail
They wait for me to fall
Racing closer to the sun
And I'm not scared at all.
:iconmiyakosuou:miyakosuou 4 0
Hoping this chaotic world won't scare you
as I raise my eyes toward the heavens
realizing how precious you are and will be...
love wrapped in worry, with so many cares...
I'm anxious to know you, little one.
Early, though you are, May you be strong
    and your mother proud.
Quills dripping with ink, black, thick,
under the North Star, guiding your dreams...
I'm waiting to hold you in my arms.
Nowhere, now here, beyond the sky that weeps
nothing but cold teardrops in the heart of winter...
     tears that bring new life in the spring...
          In the dark, the rain pours down
          my upturned face, and I cry
          with the whirlwind,
:iconsamhravale:SamhraVale 3 4
Your Poetry Sucks.
Poetic verse does not sleep contently within your bones.
You are not made of Shakespearean sonnets.
Metaphors do not cling to your teeth like snowdrops,
and similes do not lurk like assassins behind those false psychic eyes.
Your veins bleed nothing but red.
And your whispers,
they will never leave galaxies
along the length of spines.
So, Dear Heart,
you can take your stars,
your full moon romances,
the many, desperate love letters,
the gag-worthy cliches-
and eat them.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 901 391
My mind is too crowded.
I can't hear you.
I can't listen to your
I look upon a wasteland of failure.
Too scared to explain, so I wait here.
Screaming my loneliness
so quiet, no one hears.
My voice is too soft.
I can't tell you,
I can't tell you how often
I hide.
I force my eyes shut to forget the failure.
Too scared to witness the world I fear.
Listening for comfort,
cacophony interferes.
My soul is too faint.
I can't read you,
I can't understand your
I need to run; I'm frozen in panic.
All paths frightening, I'm frantic.
Running for cover
but paralyzed, I sit.
My arms are too short.
I can't reach you,
I can't reach out to your
:iconcatchaotica:catchaotica 4 2
Mutant Corn by humon Mutant Corn :iconhumon:humon 13,763 1,959
Of Broken Bones and Shattered Hearts
Of broken bones and shattered hearts
Of destinies forced apart
Of bitter war, drowned by peace
Of salty tears, pray for release
Do you not see what screams at me?
Do you not dream to be set free?
If both of us both had the strength to survive
Maybe, for once, we'd both feel alive
Hearts beat together, pulsing as one
The fall of the moon, the rise of the sun
Now that there's light, we can see the horizon
Elusive and frightening and sunlight brazen
If I gave you my hand, would you take it?
If I have you my heart, would you break it?
Somehow I know they're odds worth risking
I've lived all these years knowing what's missing
The only one I have ever known
Your shattered heart; my broken bones.
:iconlerachparade:LeRachParade 2 2
wild. by sakimichan wild. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 25,726 946
so-small world.
before she left, she told him, "your world is so fucking minuscule and you see all of it in black and white."
those words seemed to turn into slivers digging under his skin. they stung but it wasn't like he could disagree.
all he could do was look at her, and then look away.
"so?" he finally said, when she started to leave. "what can i do about it?"
she didn't say anything, just walked away.
he called after her, "what are you going to do?"
she stopped, but didn't turn around.
"i'm going to make my world a little bigger," she said. "because i'm not afraid."
the next day, she was gone.  
            and my world shrinks a little more.
:iconkiki-hiraku:Kiki-Hiraku 0 0
.MISSING YOU. by evol1314 .MISSING YOU. :iconevol1314:evol1314 88,028 9,470
And us
We are separate
We stand forever divided
Our opposing values threaten war
We have never sought to compromise
Their customs and culture are unknown entities
They, themselves know little of who we are
What good does it do me to wish vainly?
Often I desire a bridge formed across this dark chasm
Such hopes have flight only in the darkness of the night
They wither and die by the light of day, turning to dust
I look across at him sometimes to find him, too, looking at me
Since we have never spoken, it may be that he looks at me gravely
Likely he considers me an enemy and wonders for what reason I stare so frequently
Yet , my foolish heart consoles me, I have not seen disgust on his face, only curiosity
Thus, even if it is in vain, I continue to hope that one day we may meet
And that our peoples might put aside their differences and unite so that we also may be united
But if such thoughts are wishes on the wind and old prejudices too deeply ingrained to ever be lifted clearly
:iconelairahunter:ElairaHunter 1 5



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